I realized today after several bouts of tears, and 40+ hours of no sleep that I need to change my perspective. In life, I will always go through things that I didn’t expect to go through. And I will probably never be where I expected to be at any given moment. So rather than being depressed about it, I need to change my perspective about it.

I need to stop hoping/expecting my life to be in a certain place when it’s not meant to be. I need to stop stressing about not being able to find a job and focus on the fact that I will eventually find a job. I need to stop stressing about the fact that my ex cheated on me and abandoned me maliciously with no remorse, and start focusing on MY happiness. I need to stop worrying about the drama with my brother, because the reality is, my family will always be there for each other. And most of all, I need to stop stressing about being so broken and depressed, and focus my attention on what steps I’m going to take to get myself out of it.

The first step is acknowledgement.


7 thoughts on “Acknowledgement

  1. This post speaks too my soul right now. But everything is temporary and what hurts today will feel slightly different tomorrow, whether better or worse, it will always be different. A few deep breaths and a zen smile and fingers crossed for a good nights sleep for you.

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  2. Good for you! It sounded as though you hit bottom just days ago, and I was genuinely worried for you, but it appears you have begun the climb back up. Keep climbing, and lean on whoever you need to along the way. All best wishes for you.

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    1. It’s so hard, and there are moments throughout the day when I have the darkest thoughts, but I’m trying to persevere… Thanks for your support. ❤


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