My First Time

I by no means am a journalist, blogger, or any level of a creative writer whatsoever. I am here to express my raw, in the moment feelings. I’m going through a lot in life right now as I have hit my rock bottom. In the last couple months I’ve lost my career, and my boyfriend. All in a city where I’ve made very little true friends.

I’m here to express all of my pent-up feelings in hopes to get through this time of my life with some sort of sanity left. There will probably be no construction to my website whatsoever. No timeline of events. Rather, what I’m thinking about right now. If I’m able to reach some people who can relate along the way, I will know it’s working. Here’s a toast to my first blog. *cheers*


4 thoughts on “My First Time

  1. I agree completely with illuminatedliteration…writing has been cathartic for me and has put me on the road to better things. When you’re at rock bottom there is only one way to go….Up! Keep going.

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